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Feature Request: Actor Profile/Tags

in Zu den Schauspielern 20.04.2018 12:08
von jennermack Neu in der Stadt | 9 Beiträge


This request is long term.

Currently all you have for actors is a Name and a Comment, what i would like is for this dialog box to be expanded and be like the item dialog box so it would included more fields/tags so i can put the Actors gender, ethnicity, hair colour, DOB, country/city born in, measurements, height, weight and pictures of the actor etc... There are plenty of web sites were all of this info could be found for most Actors. Some of this i do have in Genres, like hair colour and ethnicity, but i have to apply that genre to each video that the specific actor was in. This way i will just need to put the different tags to the actor instead. This could also add more search/filter options like gender, ethnicity, hair colour, age range filters e.g Female actors with red hair age 20-30.

I do realise this is a big request and could take up a lot of time so i do understand if it would take up too much time and couldn't be done but i thought i would ask

Please help.

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