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Laggy/slow when indoors and in forest

in Wald 14.04.2018 08:51
von jennermack Neu in der Stadt | 9 Beiträge


Whenever I come across a "building" with walls and a floor, I start moving much slower, and so does everyone around me. I have asked before when other people are in the building with me if they are experiencing the same "lag" and sluggish performance, they always say no. It seems worse with more objects scattered around the room, bearskin rugs, etc. I also notice this while running through the large swampland trees, which is odd cause I don't notice it as much when running through the grassland trees.I get used to the game running really fast and smooth with nothing else around or in small settlements, but makes this nearly unplayable in more advanced town, which sucks cause I always end up working on the outskirts outside any walls, hunting rabbits and whatnot. I am running this on my laptop, but a 2D game such as this shouldn't be a problem, I've played other games in 3D such as Banished, Sims4 and SimCity without too many problems?

Please help.

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